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We understand how passionate you and your team are about caring for others. That's why we're committed to bringing you worry-free apparel solutions that emphasize comfort, style, and durability. Now, you can ensure a professional image for your staff, while incorporating a powerful innovation that repels fluids and wicks moisture away from the body.

VESTEX® Active Barrier1 garments–breakthrough technology available through Standard Textile–are designed to minimize the risks to healthcare workers associated with unexpected exposures to body fluids during everyday use. VESTEX® fabric is breathable, comfortable, and repellent to body fluids, water, oil, dirt and dust.


Where Safety Meets Fashion

We’ve curated a range of apparel styles and colors that support your culture of safety, while
delivering a fashionable, comfortable fit.

VESTEX® Endorsed by the American Hospital Association
VESTEX® Active Barrier1 apparel has earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association.
What you wear matters
  • Fluid Resistant:
    Fluids bead up and roll off the fabric
  • Antimicrobial2, 3, 4:
    Reduces tested germs on the product
  • Breathable:
    Enables air flow so fabric dries quickly
  • Stain and Wrinkle Resistant


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VESTEX® PROFESSIONALS Women's Fashion Lab Coat
VESTEX SIGNATURE STRETCH® Women's Fashion Mock Wrap Scrub
VESTEX SIGNATURE STRETCH® Unisex Pant with Premium Drawstring


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